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Design Services

 Space Planning

Much of my work as a designer involves some level of space planning.  This is a process of properly allocating space, within the overall building, for planned activities to take place. 

The individual spaces are primarily defined by the placement of walls, windows and doors and secondly by changes in floor type, wall color and the contents placed into the space.

Besides allocating the proper quantity of space, care must be taken to locate the space adjacent to the most appropriate areas assigned to the other activities. Safety, privacy and convenience are all factors in my design decision.  

Specialty Area

Sustainable, or Green Design is an area of design that is close to my heart... The earth's natural environment is something I feel should be respected. We should be good stewards of it, leaving behind a healthy world in which animals and our children can enjoy and thrive.

In each project, I keep environmental considerations in mind.  Whether I'm choosing materials, deciding what to reuse or recycle or just creating a healthy indoor environment for my client,  I'm always thinking about the bigger picture.  My goal is to lessen impact to our planet, while still achieving great results for my client.

Specialty Area

Universal Design is a rather new concept to the residential design industry. The approach stems from the belief that a home should accommodate all people, given the many variations found in our population in terms of age, height, physical abilities, etc.

It is a passion of mine, to use creative ways to accommodate all people, including my client's frequent visitors, so that they get full use of their home for years to come. This increases one's feeling of comfort, safety, independence, and dignity.  This is one area of design, where I can really enrich the lives of my clients.
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